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Why Shop Bonanza?

  • Founded in 2018

    Bonanza Cannabis is a Colorado-Based company that prides itself on producing premium cannabis products.

  • Nothing less than quality

    We strive to produce the best concentrate and edible products on the market. We do so by ensuring quality each & every time.

  • Carefully crafted cannabis

    Everything we do is handcrafted to create a consistent, high quality product that consumers can be confident in.

  • Our Focus

    Our goal is for the consumer to have the best experience possible. To understand and enjoy the cannabis they are consuming.

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  • T-shirts

    Whether you're feeling sleek or edgy. Bonanza Cannabis Co. T-shirts come in many different colors & styles to fit your needs!

  • Long sleeves

    Breezy by day, cozy by night.

    Don't miss out! Pick up a long sleeve & rep your favorite brand.

  • Hoodies

    Let your high self meet high fashion

    Grab a Bonanza Cannabis Co. hoodie in your favorite color today!

  • Accessories

    Ditch the old products & join the Bonanza community.

    We offer sunglasses, batteries, beanies, & more!

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